Singular value decomposition:
Denoising an FID

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Toeplitz matrix

  • Wikipedia: Toeplitz matrix
    Toeplitz matrix

    matrix in which each descending diagonal from left to right is constant

  • Andrew E. Yagle
    A new algorithm for the nearest singular Toeplitz matrix to a given Toeplitz matrix, (PDF)
  • IMSL® Fortran Numerical Math Library: Solves a complex Toeplitz linear system. (LSLTC)

Hankel matrix

  • Wikipedia: Hankel matrix
    Hankel matrix

    matrix in which each descending diagonal from right to left is constant

    Hankel matrix element

  • Fast general Hankel/Toeplitz SVD package (MatLab)
  • Xuezhi Zhao and Bangyan Ye
    Similarity of signal processing effect between Hankel matrix-based SVD and wavelet transform and its mechanism analysis,
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    A Lanczos bidiagonalization algorithm for Hankel matrices,
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    For any square complex Hankel matrix A of order n, there exist a unitary Q and an order n nonnegative diagonal Σ such that A = QΣQT.

  • Wei Xua and Sanzheng Qiao
    A fast symmetric SVD algorithm for square Hankel matrices ,
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  • Peter Strobach
    Square Hankel SVD subspace tracking algorithms,
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    For a real square N x N Hankel data matrix, left and right orthonormal matrices are identical.

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  • Réemy Boyer and Roland Badeau
    Adaptive multilinear SVD for structured tensors, (PDF)
  • Timothy M. Toolan and Donald W. Tufts
    Detection and estimation in non-stationary environments, (PDF)
  • D. L. Boley, F. T. Luk, and D. Vandevoorde
    Vandermonde factorization of a Hankel matrix, (PDF)

Cadzow procedure

  • Stewart Trickett
    F-xy Cadzow noise suppression,
    2008 CSPG CSEG CWLS Convention
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    Abstract (PDF file)
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Java applet performing SVD of a complex Hankel matrix: Denoising an FID

The size (600 complex numbers) of an FID (free-induction decay) signal is limited by the web browser. With a 3-GHz processor, the singular value decomposition of the associated complex Hankel matrix takes about 40 seconds.

It is simpler to input the real and imaginary values of the FID into two columns of a spreadsheet program such as MS EXCEL, then copy and paste each data column into the Java applet.

The fast Fourier transform of an FID requires a power of two for the number of complex numbers in an FID, therefore zero-filling the FID before FFT.

Java does not allow us to paste external data into an applet. We provide the corresponding fidsvd applet for local use, outside a web browser: download.

The change of color of View FID button from red to green after clicking Run SVD button means the number of iterations for singular value decomposition has reached its maximum. As a result, close then restart the applet. Provide a shorter FID.

Here is an MS Excel spread sheet containing simulated FIDs. The SVD of 1000 complex numbers takes about 180 seconds.

Spectrum from denoised 29-Si MAS FID by SVD

Comparison of spectra obtained from FID traited by line broadening with that obtained from the same FID denoised by SVD:

Silicium-29 MAS spectrum

Spectrum obtained from denoised FID by SVD presents better resolution.

Signal and noise

  • Stevens Institute for Innovation, University of Southern California, 2009
    “Denoising 1D solution NMR (DSNMR)” fewer transients - more sensitivity magnet resonance analysis by Singular Value Decomposition Harmonic Inversion,
    PDF file
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  • Ulrich L. Günther
    Advanced NMR Processing,
    EuroLabCourse "Advanced Computing in NMR Spectroscopy", Florence, Sept. 2001
    Presentation PDF file, Lecture notes PDF file
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  • Martin Vetterli: Sparse sampling: Variations on a theme by Shannon
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