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The Cangjie input method is a system by which Chinese characters are entered into a computer via a keyboard. It was invented by CHU Bong-Foo 朱邦復 in 1976.

The beta version of Cangjie (version 2022) can be used for both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, including Hong Kong supplementary character set. The corresponding input method editor for Windows 10 system, available from, supports 90000 Chinese characters.

Text to Voice: Chinese (Hong Kong, Traditional) Text to Speech

TTSFree: Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional) Text to Speech

ISpeech: Free Online Text to Speech

Voicemaker: Free Online Text to Speech

Ekho: Chinese text-to-speech software (supports Cantonese, Mandarin)

TTSMP3: Free Text-To-Speech and Text-to-MP3 for Chinese Mandarin

1. Cangjie overview

* fr.Wikipedia: Composition d'un sinogramme

* Wikibooks: Chinois/Saisie du chinois en utilisant la méthode Cangjie

* en.Wikipedia: Cangjie input method

* Chinaknowledge: Cangjie system of character input

* Edouard Butler: Cangjie input method

* ChangJei / Cangjie / ChongKit Input Method 倉頡輸入法

* Neil Keleher: The Cangjie Dictionary Cangjie Touch Typing Codes For Traditional Chinese Characters

* Chan, Kam-kong, Angus (陳錦江): Learning Chinese keyboarding skill: Cangjie input method

* YouTube 【HermanToMath】: 10分鐘完美KO倉頡輸入法!

* YouTube, hpc電腦教學中心 - 倉頡教學: 倉頡輸入法教學

2. Cangjie overview in Chinese

* Hong Kong Institute of Education: Friends of Cangjie (use Internet Explorer or Opera browsers) Cangjie-3 and Cangjie-5

* 黃德誠: 倉頡輸入法簡介 Cangjie-3 input method

* 倉頡教學 Cangjie-3 input method (注意 省略原則)

* 麥志洪: 倉頡動畫廊 Cangjie-3 input gallery

* 倉頡輸入法 Cangjie-3 input method

* ASL電腦應用教學網頁: 倉頡輸入法 Cangjie-3 input method ( MS PowerPoint file)

* Lingnan Dr. Chung Wing Kwong Memorial Secondary School: 倉頡輸入法 Cangjie-3 input method (2 Mb PDF file)

* 倉頡輸入法講義 Cangjie-3 input method (1.8 Mb PDF file)

* a2e 亞通歐: 仓颉输入法 Cangjie-5

* zh.wikibooks: 倉頡輸入法

* zh.wikibooks: 倉頡輸入法/例外字

* YouTube 【師奶仔教室】: 1分鐘 打 65字竅門全公開

3. Laboratory of CHU Bong-Foo

* 倉頡輸入法專區

* 第五代倉頡輸入法手冊 (影印版) (HTML) 是1990年朱邦復先生於深圳科技園區書就,台灣亦曾交由松崗出版。 1999年5 月由香港文化傳信再版,ISBN為962-500-121-2

* 三代、五代差異字碼表 – 倉頡字碼對照表

* zh.Wikipedia: 倉頡輸入法

* zh-yue.Wikipedia: 倉頡中文輸入法

* zh.Wikibooks: 倉頡輸入法/特別注意

* zh.Wikipedia: 蒼頡檢字法

4. 香港速成输入法 Speed Cangjie overview in Chinese

* 倉頡之友 《倉頡平台2022》測試版正式推出
《五速通用》:第五代速成通用版,支持Unicode CJK/規範漢字表/Big5/GBK 21000餘個簡繁漢字。
《五速世紀》:第五代速成世紀版,支持Unicode CJK/Ext-A/B/C/D/E/F/G 90000餘個中日韓越漢字。

* YouTube 【加嵐】: 速成輸入法教學,20分鐘學識,簡單易明,快速上手 !

* YouTube 【KKS Channel】: 一睇即明,速成輸入法|快、清晰易明教學|中文打字無難度

* YouTube 【Beginneros】: 6分鐘學會速成輸入法!簡單易學!

* Interactive Computing Education Association Production: 倉頡輸入法學習班 (PDF file)

* Centamap: 中原地圖

5. Dictionary academic

* 漢文樂園

* Online 汉典: Chinese-English dictionary, including various codes (Wubi86, Wubi98, Cangjie-3, Four-corner, 笔顺编号, UNICODE) and Mandarin pronunciation

* Online KangXiZiDian: 康熙字典網上版

* Online 中华字海 (叶典) Chinese dictionary

* Online DICT.TW 線上字典 Chinese-English dictionary for traditional Chinese character including 內碼, 注音, 大易, 倉頡

6. Dictionary

* Online Word dictionary basic

* Online YellowBridge: Chinese-English character dictionary

* Online Chinese English dictionary

* Online Dictionnaire français -chinois

* Online  Chinese tools

* Online traditional Chinese character database: With word-formations phonologically disambiguated according to the Cantonese dialect

* Online multi-function Chinese character database: With archaic script forms

* Online Cantonese-Mandarin-English dictionary

* Online traditional Chinese characters: A genealogy and dictionary

7. Index for Cangjie

* en.Wiktionary: Chinese Cangjie-5 index

* 倉頡之友: 倉頡大字典

* ChaJei (CangJie) Explorer The Cangjie-3 sequence for a highlighted traditional Chinese character will be displayed when the tool is running

* 911查 : 仓颉编码查询 Cangjie-3 sequence for traditional and simplified Chinese characters

* hkcards : 查詢倉頡碼或速成碼 Cangjie-3 and -5 sequences for traditional Chinese characters

8. Online input tool

* 倉頡之友: 網上倉頡輸入法 Cangjie-5 input method for traditional and simplified Chinese with 第五代倉頡輸入法2022世紀版 (支持九萬漢字)

* 中文編碼網頁: 中文字輸入工具 (simplified and traditional Chinese character: 倉頡, 普通話, 粵語, 五筆86, 五筆98, 筆劃)

* InputKing: Online Chinese input system

* Jordan Kiang: a Java Swing widget for handwriting/mousewriting Chinese character recognition

* branah: Virtual Cangjie-5 traditional/simplified Chinese keyboard

* 梁 Sir: 倉頡打字練習測試版

* cycukid.wordpress: 小朋友學習倉頡輸入法 (免費)

9. Tool for French

* Entrer un texte en pinyin chinois

* JVGruat: la langue chinoise

* CAIRN: le retour des idéogrammes

* fr.Wikipedia: Sinogramme simplifié

* AFPC: Association Française des Professeurs de Chinois

* Liste des sinogrammes simplifiés:

1. Liste des 805 caractères considérés comme témoignant d'une connaissance suffisante pour aborder l'enseignement universitaire du chinois en France

2. Most common 2500 Hanzi (PDF file, 500 kB) from Westboro Chinese Language School

3. zh.Wiktionary: 现代汉语常用字表(2500字)

4. Easily confused Chinese characters (PDF file, 3.5 Mb)

* en.Wiktionary: Chinese Hanzi

10. Installing Chinese on Windows systems

* Windows 7 Chinese language features

* Installing Chinese on Windows XP

* So you want to type in Chinese, eh?

11. Tool

* 倉頡輸入法練習

* Example of Word doc

* Baidu 百度 search engine

* Sogou 搜狗 search engine

* Collection of resources for learning Chinese

* Chinese encoding converter for text file

* RGB hexadecimal/decimal converter

* 中文字体

12. Translation

* Google Translate

* DeepL: Traductions rapides, précises et sûres

* An English-Chinese-Japanese dictionary of technology

* A Chinese-English dictionary

* English-Chinese glossaries of terms commonly used in the teaching of science subjects in secondary schools

13. Chinese character set

* zh.Wikipedia: 國字標準字體

* zh.Wikipedia: 異體字

* zh.Wikipedia: 第一批異體字整理表

* en.Wikipedia: Ming typeface, known as Song typeface in the People's Republic of China (PRC)

* GB18030 [en.Wikipedia] is the registered internet name for the official character set of PRC superseding GB2312

1. GB18030-2000 - The new Chinese national standard, including mapping table in txt format from SUN.

3. Mapping table for UNICODE to GB18030-2005 conversion (unified CJK ideographs + extension A + extension B), an MS Excel file (7.0 Mb) provided by

4. GB18030-2005 code ranges for CJK unified ideographs from

Number of bytes Space of code positions Number of codes Number of characters Type of characters
two-byte character first byte
second byte
6768 6763 CJK unified Hanzi character
first byte
second byte
6080 6080 CJK unified Hanzi character
first byte
second byte
8160 8160 CJK unified Hanzi character
four-byte character first byte
second byte
third byte
fourth byte
6530 6530 CJK unified Hanzi character extension A
first byte
second byte
third byte
fourth byte
42711 42711 CJK unified Hanzi character extension B

5. PRC national standard GB 18030—2000 (PDF file).

6. Dirk Meyer provided an English summary, explanations, and remarks of the GB 18030-2000 standard (PDF file).

7. Dirk Meyer presented the two new Chinese character standards: HKSCS and GB18030-2000 (PDF file).

* GBK [en.Wikipedia] is an extension of the GB2312 character set for simplified Chinese characters, used in PRC; GBK code table

* GB2312 [en.Wikipedia] is the registered internet name for a key official character set of PRC, used for simplified Chinese characters; index GB2312 [fr.Wikitionary]

* Big-5 or Big5 [en.Wikipedia] is a character encoding method used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau for traditional Chinese characters. Its PRC equivalent is GB; index Big5 [fr.Wikitionary]. CNS11643中文標準交換碼全字庫: 中文碼介紹.

14. UNICODE, ISO 10646, and UTF-8

* UNICODE from UNICODE characters supported by the DFSongStd font. WAZU JAPAN provides gallery of UNICODE fonts.

  1. Partitionnement d'UNICODE,
  2. UNICODE character code charts by script,
  3. Hexagrammes du Classique des mutations ou Yi-king, table de caractères Unicode
  4. UNICODE fonts for Windows computers from Alan Wood’s UNICODE Resources.

* Code converters from International Components for UNICODE:

  1. Big5 to UNICODE,
  2. HKSCS-Big5 to UNICODE,
  3. GB2312 to UNICODE,
  4. GBK to UNICODE,
  5. GB18030 to UNICODE.

* ISO 10646 provides a unified standard for the coding of characters in all major languages in the world including traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The ISO 10646 standard and UNICODE are code-to-code identical. UNICODE can be regarded as the implementation version of the ISO 10646 standard.

  1. ISO 10646 漢字全集: SuperCJK searcher 目前共收錄亞洲地區使用之中文字70,205個字 (包括CJK、CJK Ext-A、CJK Ext-B).

* UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8, which is an octet lossless encoding of UNICODE characters.

  1. Définition du nombre d'octets utilisés,
  2. Foire aux questions des Tuteurs : UNICODE, UTF-8.

15. Han unification

* en.Wikipedia: Han unification

* Unihan database

* Unihan grid index

* Unibook character browser (small utility for offline viewing of the character charts and character properties for the UNICODE standard)

* Top two thousand Kanji

* Jii-Chan's Kanji flashcards

* Role of Hanja in the Korean language

* CJKV Information Processing is the definitive guide for tackling the difficult issues faced when dealing with complex Asian languages -- Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese -- in the context of computing or Internet services

16. The 24 main Cangjie signs in QWERTY keyboard

QWERTY keyboard

17. Cangjie signs

The 24 main signs of Cangjie input method and their associated secondary signs.

cangjie main and secondary signs

The Cangjie input method

Example 1 from

Example 2 from

18. Cangjie signs in QWERTY keyboard

cangjie keyboard

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