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Mathematical Markup Language (MathML), which is an XML application, is used for encoding mathematical notation in web pages. Mathematical formulae are totally integrated in the text. Therefore they adapt themselves to local preferences : font, size, zoom, etc.

(1) MathML-compliant web browser

Even MathML-compliant web browsers need additional installation for MathML:

  1. Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ and 3.0 support native MathML on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). But fonts for MathML-enabled Mozilla are required.
  2. MathML in Opera 9+ uses a javascript plugin.
  3. MathML in Windows Internet Explorer 6.0+ uses the Design Science MathPlayer plugin.
  4. Wikipedia: MathJax is a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical equations in web browsers, using LaTeX math and MathML markup.

(2) Generating MathML web page

  1. The W3C browser/editor Amaya is a WYSIWYG MathML-as-is editor.
  2. MathML software - editors
  3. A primer in MathML
  4. Characters ordered by MathML names
  5. UNICODE names index (PDF file)

(3) MathML test page

  1. MathML basics from Mozilla
  2. MathML torture test from Mozilla
  3. MathML in action from Mozilla
  4. Content MathML examples from W3C
  5. MathML test suite 2.0 from W3C

(4) MathML example

  1. Mathematics in MIT, course 18.013A
  2. Cours de Physique
  3. MathML 2 reference
  4. A tool for content MathML authoring: content pseudo-TeX translator applet
  5. MathML in Opera and Safari
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