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  1. University of Windsor, Bob Schurko
  2. Solid-State NMR Literature Blog
  3. Université de Montréal, Centre régional de Résonance Magnétique Nucléaire
  4. University of Manitoba, Scott Kroeker


  1. CSDN - 专业开发者社区, MSVC的下载和环境配置方式
  2. Java知识, Eclipse 配置 MSVC


  1. University of Tübingen, Klaus Eichele
  2. University of Konstanz: NMR core facilities
  3. Ruhr-Universität Bochum: Geoscience solid state NMR spectrometer
  4. Michael Hunger

Hong Kong

  1. CKC Chinese input system,


  1. Tel Aviv University, Amir Goldbourt research group


  1. Stan's NMR, MRI, NQR, and ESR links


  1. Department of Applied Chemistry, National Defence Academy,
    Atsushi Asano Lab

Republic of Korea

  1. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology,
    Jung-Woo Yoo


  1. National Sun Yat-Sen University,
    Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging

The Netherlands

  1. CHEMIE-wereld, The World of Chemistry


  1. University of Warwick, Department of Physics


  1. Louisiana State University, NMR facility
  2. Florida State University, Bob Schurko
  3. UC Davis Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
  4. Washington State University, Gary Collins
  5. Rocky Mountain Conference on Solid-State NMR
  6. NMR Wiki
  7. QA.nmrwiki, 1H T2 measurement in solid state nmr
  8. University of Pennsylvania, Department of Chemistry, Neil C. Tomson


  1. 倉頡輸入法
  2. Deuterium NMR
  3. Hyperfine structure
  4. Thiol

Eclipse Foundation

  1. Eclipse community forums
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