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File conversion procedure

  • ---Bruker to ASCII---
  • Converting Bruker FID file into ASCII file.

  • ---ASCII to Excel for modification---
  • Converting two-series ASCII file into two-column MS Excel spread sheet document.
  • Converting two-series ASCII file for two-column (separated by tab character) spread sheet document with NoteTabLight.

  • ---Excel modified to ASCII---
  • Converting two-column MS Excel2002 spread sheet document into two-series ASCII file.
  • Converting two-column (separated by tab character) MS Excel2007 spread sheet document into two-series ASCII file in PRN format.

  • ---Application---
  • Converting Bruker TopSpin2.1 FID file into JCAMP-DX file and vice versa:
    First method using two files;
    Second method using a single file via NoteTabLight.

  • ***********************************************************************
  • Converting Bruker TopSpin2.1 FID JCAMP-DX file into OpenOffice3 ods file.

JCAMP-DX files are non-proprietary ASCII text files, developed by the Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical Data to allow transfer of spectral information between different instruments and different users. The files can be read and edited using standard text editors.


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