Boron-10 and boron-11 NMR

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Isotope Spin Natural
abundance (%)
Quadrupole moment
NMR frequency (MHz)
at a field of 2.3488T
B-10 3 19.58 8.459 1.99E-2 3.90E-3 -10.746 BF3 Et2O
B-11 3/2 80.42 4.059 0.17 0.13 -32.084

Directory of solid-state B-10 and B-11 NMR references
Crystalline Powder Amorphous Powder

Solid-state boron NMR references

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    Open access
  3. Yang Yu, Philipp Keil, Michael Ryan Hansen, and Mattias Edén
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    Open access
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Related bibliography

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