Lithium-6 and lithium-7 NMR

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Isotope Spin Natural
abundance (%)
Quadrupole moment
NMR frequency (MHz)
at a field of 2.3488T
Li-6 1 7.42 -0.0808 8.50E-3 6.31E-4 -14.716 LiCl
Li-7 3/2 92.58 -4.01 0.29 0.27 -38.863

Directory of solid-state Li-6 and lithium-7 NMR references
Single Crystal Crystalline Powder
Oxide, Zeolite
Amorphous Powder

Solid-state lithium NMR references

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    Open access
  2. Kikuko Hayamizu, Tomoyuki Haishi, Yasuhiko Terada, Kunimitsu Kataoka, and Junji Akimoto
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    Recent Prog. Mater. 5 (2023).
    Open access
  3. Marie Duffiet , Maxime Blangero, Pierre Etienne Cabelguen, Kyeong Se Song, François Fauth, Claude Delmas, and Dany Carlier
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    Open access
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