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in title:

All the fields in the form are optional.

If neither a nucleus is selected nor a field is filled, pressing the "Search NMR references" button lists all the references in the mySql data base of this site.

If a nucleus is selected, references concerning this nucleus are listed.

Authors field:

Only author name is required.

Example 1: pines

References in which Pines is a co-worker are listed.

Example 2: pines grandinetti

References in which Pines and Grandinetti are co-workers are listed.

Keywords in title field:

Keyword means word in the title of an NMR reference.

Example 3: quadrupole

References in which the title contains the word quadrupole are listed.

Example 4: line shape

References in which the title contains the two words line and shape are listed.

Journal field:

Provide only one journal name.

Example 5: solid state nucl. magn. reson.

References from Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance are listed.

Example 6: j phys chem

References from Journal of Physical Chemistry (A and B) and Journal of Physical Chemistry of Solids are listed.

Year field:

Provide the year with four digits.

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