Downloading and installing JDK1.3 for MQMAS nutation NMR applet source codes

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We present, for WINDOWS-based computers, the instructions to
-install folders (Step 1),
-download Java files of applet source codes (Step 2),
-compile Java files (Step 3),
-edit and run the MQMAS NMR applet in a web browser (Step 4).

To make the applets compatible with all the Java-enabled web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera), we have made use of Java Development Kit JDK 1.3. As a result, the various files of an applet, downloaded in Step 2, must be compiled with this software in Step 3.

Download JDK1.3.1_20

Once this software has been downloaded and installed from WINDOWS desktop, the folder containing this software will be labeled jdk1.3.1_20 in c:\ by the setup program.

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