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Spin-locking sequence with pulse lengths p1 and p2 for nutation NMR

The signal is observed at the end of two consecutive pulses with quadrature phases.

References containing data and graphs that can be simulated with the spin-locking applets, in order to determine the quadrupole coupling from a featureless NMR lineshape, are provided:

  1. S. Z. Ageev, P. P. Man, and B. C. Sanctuary
    Detection of double and four quantum coherences for spin 7/2 excited by spin lock pulse sequences (PDF article, 160 Kb),
    J. Magn. Reson. 128, 12-20 (1997).
  2. P. P. Man
    Detection of double-quantum coherences in a spin-5/2 system excited by spin-lock sequences (PDF article, 428 Kb),
    J. Magn. Reson. A 113, 40-46 (1995).
  3. P. P. Man
    Double-quantum coherence detection in a spin-3/2 system excited by two consecutive pulses (PDF article, 491 Kb),
    Mol. Phys. 76, 1119-1129 (1992).

SIMPSON scripts and Mathematica-5 notebooks

Use Wolfram CDF Player to read Mathematica notebook in modern web browser.

  1. Effet of offset on spinlock 90(X)90(Y) pulse for positive gyromagnetic ratio nucleus:
    magnetization x component,
    magnetization y component,
    magnetization z component,
    corresponding Mathematica 5 notebook.
  2. Composite rotation matrices in Mathematica-5 notebook:
    passive rotation about rotated axes,
    active rotation about rotated axes.


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