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Rotary-echo sequence for nutation NMR

Despite the name of this sequence, we do not perform an echo experiment because the signal is observed at the end of two consecutive pulses of opposite phase.

References containing data and graphs that can be simulated with the rotary-echo applets, in order to determine the quadrupole coupling from a featureless NMR lineshape, are provided:

  1. P. P. Man
    Determination of spin-5/2 quadrupolar coupling with two-pulse sequences,
    Solid State NMR 2, 165-180 (1993).
  2. P. P. Man
    Measurement of the quadrupolar coupling with two pulses of opposite phase (PDF article, 526 Kb),
    J. Magn. Reson. 94, 258-267 (1991).
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