One-pulse nutation NMR
applied to a powder:
JDK1.1.8 applet

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AIM: Determination of the quadrupole coupling constant from a featureless NMR lineshape

Launch the one-pulse applet with Java Web Start.

One-pulse sequence with pulse length p1 for nutation NMR

The one-pulse sequence is the simplest NMR experiment. As for a single crystal, the central-line intensity of a powder is independent of the quadrupole coupling constant and is proportional to the pulse length p1, if the latter is short. As a result, this excitation condition of quadrupole spins allows us to quantify the number of spins in the powder. However, the acquisition delay or the "dead time" of the NMR probe head modifies the line intensity.

IMAGE: Parameters for the simulation of one-pulse nutation NMR line intensity

The left part of the simulation panel indicates the physical parameters. It is preset for a typical experiment on a spin I = 3/2 in a powder. You can introduce your own values.

MinLength: the first value of p1 in s

MaxLength: the last value of p1 in s

Step: the increment of p1 in s

The following applet is initialized for the central-line intensity of a spin I = 3/2 in a powder excited by the one-pulse sequence. The experimental line intensities are 1/10 of the simulated ones.


Help for selecting all the simulated data of the line intensity text area in a JDK1.1.8 applet.

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