Instructions for installing and running JDK1.4 source codes of SVD (singular value decomposition) - Step 4

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Step 4: Edit and run applet.html

(1) We select, copy, and paste the following green lines in a file of MS Bloc-notes.

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
  <title>SVD applet </title>
  codebase = "."
  code = "svdtmp.SVDMVC.class"
  name = "SVDMVC"
  width = "420"
  height = "480"
  hspace = "0"
  vspace = "0"
  align = "top"
>Applet for SVD</applet>

(2) We save the file as applet.html in the svd-tmp folder (See the image of Step 1).

If we use MS WordPad for this operation, we must save the file as applet.html with the type of MS-DOS text.

(3) Clicking the icon of the applet.html file in the svd-tmp folder will start the applet in the web browser.

A page of our web site describes the operation of this applet.

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