Instructions for installing and running JDK1.4 source codes of SVD (singular value decomposition) - Step 1

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Step 1: Install folders

IMAGE of the JDK1.4 nmr-applet folder

(1) We create a folder called svd-applet in our hard disk c.

(2) In the svd-applet folder, we create another folder called svd-tmp. The applet.html file (see Step 4) that supports the applet will be saved in the svd-tmp folder.

(3) In the svd-tmp folder, we create the svdtmp folder, whose name must not be changed, because svdtmp is involved in the Java files as a package.

The svdtmp folder will store the files about Java source codes as (see Step 2). After compiling these files with SUN's J2SDK1.4.2_19, the corresponding class files will also be stored in this folder as xxx.class (see Step 3).

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