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I just upgraded my Mozilla on RedHat 8.0, and I came up with a simple work-around tip that I am now passing on to you:

After taking my default "Everything" install of RedHat 8.0, and using 'rpm -e' to uninstall all my old mozilla-related programs (which needs to be done in "near this order", due to various dependencies):

        rpm -e mozilla-mail
        rpm -e mozilla-chat
        rpm -e mozilla-devel
        rpm -e mozilla-dom-inspector
        rpm -e mozilla-js-debugger
        rpm -e evolution
        rpm -e mozilla-psm
        rpm -e mozilla-nss-devel
        rpm -e mozilla-nss
        rpm -e kdebindings-kmozilla
        rpm -e galleon
        rpm -e plugger
        rpm -e mozilla
        rpm -e mozilla-nspr-devel
        rpm -e mozilla-nspr

Then after using the Mozilla installer's .tar.gz to install the new 1.6 version on my RedHat 8.0 system (as described by you and Mozilla's site), Mozilla stopped working from Gnome -- not only when clicking the web browser icon in the Gnome panel (which you and Mozilla again explain how to fix), but ALSO when double-clicking on icons of '.html' files.

So, my work-around is: I just created a script file named /usr/bin/mozilla (where RedHat 8.0's default Mozilla launch script was located before) with 'vi /usr/bin/mozilla', and put in the following single line:

/usr/local/mozilla/mozilla $*

Finally, I did a 'chmod 755 /usr/bin/mozilla' to make it executable.

Since RedHat 8.0 is already set to run '/usr/bin/mozilla' from Gnome, this effectively redirects Gnome to the default location of the new Mozilla... and actually fixes the icon in the Gnome panel as well if you don't want to bother right-clicking it and changing its properties.

-Scott Navarre (

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