Instructions for installing and running Java1.1.8 source codes of one-pulse nutation NMR applet for crystal

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Step 3: Compile *.java files

IMAGE of DOS window

(1) We open a DOS window.

(2) We set path to include JDK10's bin, which is the directory of Java compiler (javac):

C:\Users\> path C:\java10\bin; %path%

(3) We change the directory to that of OneXtal folder:

C:\Users\> cd C:\nmr-applet\OneXtal

(4) We compile all the *.java files contained in the ppmrmn folder:

C:\nmr-applet\OneXtal>javac ppmrmn\*.java

In the ppmrmn folder of the OneXtal folder, seventeen new files with class extension are generated by JDK10:

OneXtalJDK118.class, OneXtalJDK118$1.class, OneXtalJDK118$2.class, OneXtalJDK118$3.class, OneXtalJDK118$4.class, OneXtalJDK118$5.class, OneXtalJDK118$6.class, Graph.class, Graph$$1.class, Graph$Dataset.class, Graph$Point.class, ComplexMat.class, RealMat.class, Nmr.class, Jacobi.class, ListGentle.class, Node.class.

(5) We create a MANIFEST.MF file in the OneXtal folder:

C:\nmr-applet\OneXtal>echo Main-Class: ppmrmn.OneXtalJDK118 > MANIFEST.MF

The MANIFEST.MF file contains a single line:
Main-Class: ppmrmn.OneXtalJDK118

IMAGE of DOS window 2

(6) We create an executable jar file, OneXtalJDK118.jar, in the OneXtal folder:

C:\nmr-applet\OneXtal>jar cvfe OneXtalJDK118.jar ppmrmn.OneXtalJDK118 ppmrmn

(7) We execute the jar file:

C:\nmr-applet\OneXtal>java -jar OneXtalJDK118.jar

The content of OneXtalJDK.jar can be examined with software such as 7-Zip File Manager.

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