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The CKC Chinese input method is based on the character structure. It is invented by Chow Chung Kai 周忠繼, the Honorary Chairman of the Kiangsu-Chekiang Residents (H.K.) Association. It only uses a maximum of 4 digits ("0" - "9") to represent a Chinese character. It is applicable to a variety of operating systems such as MS Windows, PalmOne cellular phone, Pocket PC, Palm PDA (OS4 and above).


  1. CKC Chinese input method overview
  2. Online CKC Chinese input tool
    • 網上縱橫輸入2002簡易版, 2000A版 (use Internet Explorer browser for CKC on web)
  3. CKC Chinese input software and IME
    • 台灣縱橫碼教育推廣中心 provides

      (1) two USB versions:

      (i) green version for traditional or simplified Chinese character. Its Chinese characters appear in the application window. 该输入法在字汇上包含了 GB18030的全部二万七千多个汉字,既支持简体字输入又支持繁体字输入。该输入法以词组输入为主, 内含词组四十多万条,其中简体词条三十多万条,

      (ii) black version for traditional Chinese character only, black version can be saved and runs from hard disk. Its Chinese characters appear in the window of another application. CKC user's guide (PDF file),

      (2) 縱橫輸入法 2006(繁體版) 符合 Microsoft Windows 內置輸入法標準的系統, 其使用界面與微軟的其它輸入法一致,能夠在繁體 Windows平台上安裝. 縱橫輸入法 2006(繁體版)支持全部的 BIG-5 和 HKSCS 2004 漢字字彙,

      (3) 縱橫輸入法2006(BIG5)研習課程講義 (PDF file)
    • 苏州大学纵横汉字信息技术研究所
  4. 縱橫漢字輸入法
  5. 縱橫漢字輸入法2000A
  6. CKC tool
  7. Other Chinese character inputting methods
  8. CKC signs in numeric keypad

CKC keyboard

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