Pinyin Chinese input method

拼音输入法 [pīn yīn shū rù fǎ]

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The phonetic input method for entering Chinese characters into computers is based on what is called Pinyin, the romanization system for standard Mandarin. Pinyin was approved in 1958 by the government of the People's Republic of China and officially adopted by it in 1979. Since then, the International Organization for Standardization adopted Pinyin as the romanization system for standard Mandarin.
The pronunciation of Chinese characters is also marked with Pinyin.

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    • Some of these Pinyin Chinese IMEs also allow to input Chinese character following the stroke order of the character you want to type. For each Chinese character, first type u and then any combination of

               h - 横 heng (horizontal)
               s - 竖 shu  (vertical)
               p - 撇 pie  (left falling)
               n - 捺 na   (right falling)   d - 点 dian (dot)
               z - 折 zhe  (hook)            乙 looks like z
               d and n are equivalent

      For example with QQ拼音输入法, the stroke order of the Chinese character 音 is

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