Printing the nutation NMR applet panels

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Applet printing

Only Windows-based PCs with Internet Explorer 5.5-6, Netscape 6.2-7.0, and Netscape 4.5-4.7 allow us to print the applet panels once the STOPFIT button in the applet has been pressed, that is, after the execution of the applet.

With Netscape 4.5-4.7, the paper should be in the landscape position.

With Netscape 7.0, the print order in the file menu must be used. The printing will not performed properly if the print order is given from the preview sub-menu.

Screen dump

With Windows-based PCs, you can also perform a screen dump of the applet panels by:

  1. pressing the system screen dump button of your keyboard;
  2. pasting the data to MS-WORD or MS-PowerPoint with their paste command in the Edit menu.

For the other computers, you should use an appropriate software to perform the screen dump.

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