Instructions for installing and running the source codes of one-pulse nutation NMR applet for crystal

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Step 4: Edit and run applet.html

(1) We select, copy, and paste the following green lines in a file of MS Bloc-notes.

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
  <title>Nutation NMR applet for one pulse applied to a crystal</title>
  codebase = "."
  code = "ppmrmn.OneXtal.class"
  name = "NMR-Applet"
  width = "660"
  height = "390"
  hspace = "0"
  vspace = "0"
  align = "top"
>Applet for calculating and fitting the single crystal NMR line intensity of quadrupole spin excited by one pulse.</applet>

(2) We save the file as applet.html in the OneXtal folder (See the image of Step 1).

If we use MS WordPad for this operation, we must save the file as applet.html with the type of MS-DOS text.

(3) Clicking the icon of the applet.html file in the OneXtal folder will start the applet in the web browser.

A page of our web site describes the operation of this applet.

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