Instructions for installing and running the source codes of one-pulse nutation NMR applet for crystal

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Step 1: Install folders

IMAGE of the nmr-applet folder

(1) We create a folder called nmr-applet in our hard disk c.

(2) In the nmr-applet folder, we create another folder called OneXtal. The applet.html file (see Step 4) that supports the applet will be saved in the OneXtal folder.

(3) In the OneXtal folder, we create the ppmrmn folder, whose name must not be changed, because ppmrmn is involved in the Java files as a package.

The ppmrmn folder will store the files about Java source codes as (see Step 2). After compiling these files with SUN's JDK1.0.2, the corresponding class files will also be stored in this folder as xxx.class (see Step 3).

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